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The Way of the Sith

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The Way of the Sith
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You must first learn your enemy inorder to understand your enemy. This page is designed to understand the ways of the Sith. I hope to highlight The sith code, teachings of the Sith and how they are so different from the Jedi.

"The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be 'unnatural'." (palpatine)

Here are a list of Sith Force Powers.


When a Sith uses Rage this is means that all his force abilities are inhanced but only for a short period of time. After the power wears off thier force abilities are weaker and will take time to regenerate. This can be an advantage to a Jedi if they can out last the siths Rage.

-Force Lightning-

Sith can shoot blue lightning from thier fingertips, but this can cause sever pain and even damage..Emperor Palpatine is a pure example of the after effects of useing to much Force Lighting.

-Transfer Force-

A Jedi can use this power to trancfer thier life force into another being to escape death, but if this is done the lose all access to the lightside of the force...I have yet to know of any Jedi to do this, that is why it is listed as a sith power.

-Force Feeding-

A sith can feed off anothers emotions, such as fear, anger hate even suffering so they can gain more strenght.

-Mind Controll-

A powerfull sith can controll anyones mind who is near him. This alows the sith the use the person as a puppet, this also allows him to alter ones will.

-Force Strom-

This is said to be a dark power, it is the ability to creat distructive storms by using the force.Yet I have seen Jedi use this trick.

-Memory Wipe-

This takes alot of controll and power, shouldn't be used at all really. This ability allows a Sith to completely wipe out memories, only skilled beings can use this ability, for if done incorectly they could wipe out to much memory forgetting who or what they are. I haven't heard of Sith wiping out anothers memory by using the force, but I wouldn't dought it.

Sith can also use basic Force powers, such as force jump, Force push/pull, force heal. (those powers are listed on the way of the Jedi page)

-Fighting styles-

Most Sith use the same fighting styles as the Jedi Forms I-VII. Although Sith don't always play by the rules. While dueling with a sith he will do things that are destracting like throwing debre at you via the force, and playing tricks on the mind. Sith don't fight fair so don't expect them to stick by the Forms.


Unlike the Jedi, Sith use synthetic crystals to generate their lightsaber blades. Sith modified thier lightsabers by adding a double blade, some sith also were able to have thier sabers extend in length from a half a meter to one-and-a half meters. This can cause a great advantage.

-Sith Clothing-

The Sith's out fit is very similar to the Jedi's, but in Darker colors. Mostly Black, brown and even Red. Some of the Sith cloaks are made out of Velvet and other materials besides wool. (To get a better understanding of the outfit read The Way of The Jedi page)

-Sith Training-

Some Siths were Jedi and just turned. So some of them have already had training in the force. Sith train very hard, they are passionate about power. Their training techniques are very harsh even fatale. Inorder for a Sith to truely prove he is fully loyal to his lord, he must first kill a Jedi or kill one of his own kind that has greater or equal power to his. Sith feed off Fear, but a Sith Master will make sure that his apreantace knows this fear.

-The Sith Code-

There is no Peace~There is Anger.
There is no Fear~There is Power.
There is no Death~There is Immortality.
There is no Weakness~There is the Dark Side.

-Version 2 of The Sith Code-
Peace is a lie
There is only passion
Through passion I gain strength
Through strength I gain power
Through power I gain victory
Through victory my chains are broken
The Force shall set me free

Unlike the Jedi The sith consentrate and feed off emotions. Thier Code is the complet opossite of the Jedi Code.

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